The Original Guard Your ID Advanced 2.0 Roller for Identity Theft Protection Confidential Security Stamp (Regular 3-Pack, Mixed Color: Turquoise, Green, White)


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Product Description

Guard Your IDGuard Your ID

Easy to Use Guard Your ID Idenity RollerEasy to Use Guard Your ID Idenity Roller

Guard Your ID Patent PatternGuard Your ID Patent Pattern

Our Story

At Guard Your ID we are passionate about helping individuals protect their personal information. It is this desire to help that led us to develop the first identity protection stamp in July 2006, and why we continue to evolve and develop new identity tools today. One example of this evolution would be the Guard Your ID Advanced 2.0 Roller family. The specially formulated, oil-based ink of this roller is water-resistant, light-resistant, chemical resistant, clear, dark, and quick-drying. It can be applied to not only regular paper, but to most glossy surfaces.

Our journey in creating the unique Guard Your ID Stamp pattern took several years. Over 100 patterns were tested during this process, and we finally emerged with the powerful, patented pattern we use today. The letters A, B, E, G, H, K, M, V, W, X were chosen based on their limited white space, and the letters were turned, angled, and positioned just right to offer the maximum coverage.

Effective ID ProtectionEffective ID Protection

Guard Your ID Advanced RollerGuard Your ID Advanced Roller

Identity Theft protectionIdentity Theft protection

Simple & Effective ID Protection

Guard Your ID rollers are a handy and essential tool for identity theft protection. They are a quick and easy way to ensure your private information stays safe. With a single swipe of the roller, our unique pattern is applied, rendering information like your name, address and account numbers unreadable. Simply roll over the text you want to protect prior to discarding, storing, or sharing documents.

Available in Two Sizes

Advanced REGULAR Roller

Dimensions:1.5″ x 1.5″ x 2.75″Stamp Width: .6 inches (covers 3 lines of text)1,000 uses per roller

Advanced WIDE Roller

Dimensions: 1.8″ x 1.8″ x 3.25″Stamp Width: 1 inch (covers 6 lines of text)1,600 uses per roller

Quick & Easy to Use

Our Advanced Roller is designed to protect your private information using long-lasting, specially formulated BLACK ink. The roller applicator, however, is available in many stylish colors. Each roller comes with a tightly sealed twist open cap that protects the roller head and prevents accidental inking.

Guard Your ID Advanced Rollers are perfect for use on:

Guard Your ID on mailGuard Your ID on mail

stamp packagestamp package

id security checksid security checks

prescription bottlesprescription bottles

Bills, Credit Card Offers & Bank Statements

Mail & Shipping Labels

Cashed Checks & Tax Returns

Prescription Bottles, Magazines & Post Cards

Why is shredded paper an Issue?Why is shredded paper an Issue?

Why is shredded paper an Issue?

It is hard to believe, since we all think recycling shredded paper would be helpful to the environment, but in actuality, shredded paper is very difficult to recycle. In fact, many recycling and waste centers will not even accept shredded paper and will send it directly to the landfill.

Why is shredded paper so difficult to recycle? Shredding paper into small pieces destroys the long fiber lengths, and makes the paper virtually unusable in the recycling process. It degrades the quality of the paper, increasing costs and complicating the system. The small strips wreak havoc on the recycling facilities, falling through their screens, getting mixed up with other recycled materials, and basically making a huge mess.

Guard Your ID Rollers offer a greener alternative to shredding. They are an easy, less time-consuming solution that assists, instead of burdening, the recycling process.

Unlike shredded paper, stamped documents are recyclable, making Guard Your ID a great alternative to a shredder.

Alternative to a shredderAlternative to a shredder


recycling alternativerecycling alternative

guard your idguard your id

Quiet & Easy to Use

Small Footprint & No Electricity Necessary

Stamped Documents are Recyclable

No Mess & No Extra Work

ROBUST IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION: Designed to shield your personal information, these rollers effectively mask sensitive data, preventing identity theft.
EFFORTLESS AND UNIVERSAL USE: Simply roll over the text you wish to conceal. Suitable for all ages, these rollers are comfortable to hold and safe for anyone to use.
MESS-FREE SECURITY: Enjoy a no-hassle experience with no mess, paper jams, or noise. Operates without the need for power, saving space and energy.
ENHANCED COVERAGE: Each roller is crafted to cover more text in a single pass, offering a quick and efficient method to secure your information.
LONG-LASTING AND DURABLE: Boasting a lifespan of approximately 1,000 impressions or 100 feet and a shelf life of 2 years. Dimensions: 1.5″ x 2.69″.
ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS CHOICE: An eco-friendly alternative to shredded paper, these rollers contribute to a greener planet while keeping your data safe.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Guard Your ID ensures customer satisfaction and peace of mind with a satisfaction guarantee on our products.
VERSATILE APPLICATION: Perfect for securing data on bills, credit card offers, bank statements, and more. Pattern width: 1/2″, covering three lines of text at a time.
TRUSTED BRAND: With over a decade of experience, Guard Your ID is a renowned brand synonymous with innovation and quality in protecting personal information.
PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Roller Dimensions: 1.5″ x 2.69″ x 1.5″, Pattern Width: 0.5″, Usage: Good for approximately 1,000 impressions with a shelf life of 2 years.

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The Original Guard Your ID Advanced 2.0 Roller for Identity Theft Protection Confidential Security Stamp (Regular 3-Pack, Mixed Color: Turquoise, Green, White)
The Original Guard Your ID Advanced 2.0 Roller for Identity Theft Protection Confidential Security Stamp (Regular 3-Pack, Mixed Color: Turquoise, Green, White)

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